Goldman Philanthropic Partnerships: private foundation raising funds through venture philanthropy for medical research into treatment and cures for catastrophic diseases, especially blood and bone marrow cancers.
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Goldman Philanthropic Partnerships, a private operating foundation, was founded in 1998 to establish a new philanthropic business model to accelerate the way cures are discovered.  This business model has created innovative research funding partnerships between donors, researchers and medical institutions using five tools unique to our foundation. 

In late 2005, Partnership for Cures, a public charity, was approved by the IRS to carry on the mission of Goldman Philanthropic Partnerships.   This GPP website continues to document the successes of the Goldman Philanthropic Partnership strategic philanthropy initiative. 

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Here's how Goldman Philanthropic Partnerships' strategic philanthropy model works:

First, through our foundation each donor gives to a specific research project in their disease of interest to maximize the impact of the funding and increase donor participation, rather than general giving to an organization or institution that decides how to utilize the funding.

Second, we oversee the budgets on these projects so that there are no extraneous expenses and an appropriate amount is used for institutional overhead.

Third, for every charitable donation we secure a matching donation, at least dollar for dollar, from the research institution itself or another organization.

Fourth, each project is validated twice to insure, as much as possible, that there is an excellent chance the project will achieve the stated goals.

Fifth, we actively manage each project and report progress to the donor every 90 days.

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We help donors of all kinds:

Select from a portfolio of exciting, validated medical research projects

Partner with creative researchers at well known institutions

Accelerate a cure for 
any disease 

Have your donation matched at least dollar for dollar

Receive quarterly reports of the progress of the research and have our staff maintain project accountability

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With creative researchers we:

Seek out novel ideas to  accelerate the cures for catastrophic diseases

Create institutional support and funding for these innovative undertakings

Support research "outside the norm" of traditional medicine

Create collaborations that make  major medical breakthroughs possible

Establish the scientific validity of what is now considered anecdotal results

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For the finest research institutions in the world we partner to:

Effectively double your institutional funding for innovative, cutting-edge research

Energize your faculty to create breakthrough research ideas

Find funding support from our donors for those ideas

Create new funding streams from your current base of donors

Improve the chances of project success using simple, time-tested business tools

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