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Since our founding in 1998, Goldman Philanthropic Partnerships (GPP) has solicited, validated and helped donors co-fund innovative research with the potential to quickly find cures for life-altering diseases, and supported these donors using for-profit business tools to insure that the research and philanthropic goals are met through proper project and resource management.

GPP finds breakthrough research by motivating partner non-profit institutions and organizations to include more innovative research in their research solicitation processes, and by encouraging creative researchers to commit innovative research projects to paper and then submit them for funding.

GPP validates research first by using the highly qualified science advisory committees of partner non-profit organizations and the internal review committees at partner medical research institutions. We then convene with independent science advisors to re-validate each project before presenting it to donors for funding.

GPP supports innovative research through Inspired Ventures, which are partnerships between pioneering researchers, partner medical research institutions, partner non-profit organizations, corporate and family foundations, donor pools and dedicated individual donors. These Inspired Ventures are structured like limited partnerships, with the Inspired Venture donors targeting their funding to a specific project, researcher, institution, and patient population.

GPP uses business tools to help each researcher produce a project business plan defining aims and goals to use in managing resources and targeting the budget. Donors with significant business skills are asked to participate in the production of the business plan and/or the management of the project. All donors receive quarterly and annual scientific and financial reports.


Goldman Philanthropic Partnerships (GPP) and our Partners believe that ultimate success in the battle against catastrophic diseases will come from bold new approaches to research and treatment.

GPP believes that cures will come as a result of the testing of scientific ideas that would otherwise remain locked in the minds of brilliant scientists.

GPP creates a new environment that brings scientists of different disciplines together with motivated and involved philanthropists to craft cures.

The founders and funders of GPP are creative problem solvers who understand the breakthrough potential of radically different ideas.

GPP understands that high risk is a constant companion of high reward, and cures come more quickly if we all take well-calculated risks to test solutions.

GPP engages qualified science advisors in a dual validation process to secure its research projects with greatest potential to achieve cures for disease.

GPP works with each researcher to produce a business plan with aims and goals to insure research progress and support reporting to each donor.

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