contact us home Goldman Philanthropic Partnerships: private foundation raising funds through venture philanthropy for medical research into treatment and cures for catastrophic diseases, especially blood and bone marrow cancers.
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A Pledge to Our Donors

Goldman Philanthropic Partnerships pledges to those who donate to research through our Foundation:

To identify researchers who have created the most innovative research projects that should accelerate a cure for catastrophic diseases

To validate every research project presented for funding so that you will know the research team has a significant chance of achieving the projected outcomes

To match every dollar you commit to funding research projects through our own funds or those of another institution

To produce an approved business plan committed to by every researcher, with specific aims and goals to be achieved and evaluated every 90 days

To continue research funding only as the researchers achieve stated aims and goals or reasonably modified alternatives

To provide progress reports every 90 days, so that you will be informed members of our research team

To broadly report results of every research project to promote the potential benefits to patients

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