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Goldman Philanthropic Partnerships has created partnerships with some of the most well-respected research institutions in the world.

These research institutions see their funding for innovative, frontier research at least double when they partner with GPP.  They expand their donor base to include GPP donors and increase the projects they can afford to research.

Each GPP partner uses a portion of their overall research budget to support projects that they might otherwise not be able to fund, but that they believe could change the course of research and cures for disease. 

Each partner maintains control over the solicitation and validation of the research.  They receive assistance from GPP in the funding and management of the research.

The partnering process works as follows:

  • The Partner Research Institution enters into a simple co-sponsorship with GPP to co-fund one or more innovative research projects.

  • The Partner Research Institution then solicits specific innovative research proposals from its research faculty that could have a significant and immediate impact on a catastrophic disease.

  • The Partner Research Institution reviews, revises and validates the research proposals using an appropriate review model.  The Partner Research Institution agrees to provide at least 50% of the funding required from institutional sources, from its donor base, or from joint fundraising with GPP.

  • The most promising proposals that meet GPP's definition of innovative research are then forwarded to GPP.

  • GPP Science Advisors then re-validate the projects and select those that fit the GPP model.

  • GPP Board agrees to fund up to 50% of the project. 

This approach not only increases funding, it also expands the Partner Research Institution donor base.  The Partner Research Institution and GPP can solicit current GPP donors to enter into new and exciting ventures.  GPP's rich donor base in Chicago, and around the nation, provides a source of individuals and corporations willing to share the risk of funding new and innovative research.

Partnering with GPP 

GPP is constantly looking to partner with willing research institutions.  If you are a research institution and would like more information about establishing a partnership, please take a look at the current GPP co-sponsored projects or contact us to discuss the next steps in the partner process.