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Research Project Definition 

The Goldman Philanthropic Partnerships (GPP) seeks out, validates and co-funds innovative research that accelerates the search for cures for a range of catastrophic diseases.  Below is a short summary of the criteria we use to define what "innovative research" is. 

      Type of research - The Partnerships explores groundbreaking research in all disciplines of medicine, including those areas of research outside of conventional medicine such as alternative medicine.  The type of innovative research will help identify the type of donor likely to fund the research.

      Powerful underlying story - The more powerful the story and the higher the potential reward, the more likely that donors will be interested in not only funding the research, but also traveling down the road of scientific discovery with an innovative researcher. 

      Timeline - At the Partnerships, we are most interested in intermediate length studies (12-36 months), as we believe they are the most likely to move research towards a cure in a manner likely to help patients that are alive at the time of the initiation of the research. 

      Funding - The Partnerships are willing to fund projects of any cost.  All projects will have a business plan and a coordinated and targeted budget, which will be dispersed based on attainment of project milestones and benchmarks. 

      Partnerships - The Partnerships usually co-funds a venture with at least one organizational, institutional, or corporate partner.  Ideally, projects would be co-funded by the Partnerships and at least two other partners (one organizational and one institutional).

      Researcher - We tend to fund talented, young researchers in all disciplines with innovative ideas, although we also fund seasoned researchers looking to expand into new areas.  We have a strong interest in multiple degreed individuals, especially MD/PhDs.

      Disease - The Partnerships looks to fund research that will lead to a cure, regardless of the disease.  We have a strong interest in multiple myeloma and other hematological diseases.  We also look for research that can be translated from one disease to another.

      Demographics - The Partnerships maintains a strong interest in diseases of children and young adults, although we will fund research into any patient population where we believe there is a high likelihood of return on disease prevention, treatment or cure.

Currently we are collaborating with many highly respected Research Institutions and Organizations on exciting research projects.  Visit the Current Projects section to see more in-depth explanations of the work we are currently doing.